Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 2: Let The Fun Begin!

"It was a hot and humid day of excavation today at the Market Master’s House. The sandy soils made the completion of 26 shovel tests a little bit easier in the 90 degree weather. Based on what was found in the shovel tests, we opened our first four test units. Three of these were placed on the north, east, and south sides of the house. Previous shovel tests uncovered large quantities of domestic artifacts such as nails, bottle glass, a variety of ceramic types, bone and oyster shell. The fourth test unit was opened near the edge of the lot, east of the house. At this location, three shovel tests revealed a prehistoric component.

Tomorrow, we will start digging in the paved parking lot to the north. Thanks to the help of the District 4 maintenance crew, the blacktop was removed where we want to place a few more shovel tests. A trench will also be excavated in the parking lot where the GPR suggests a cultural anomaly. Hopefully the blacktop capped and protected cultural material underneath related to the many functions of this property throughout history." -Nichole Sorensen-Mutchie

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