Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 5: Rained Out Again!

The rain kept us in again today. There was so much rain that we had to bail the water from out of our test units with buckets! We'll be ready for public day tomorrow, though. Here is a bio and narrative from one of the crew members at the Center for Heritage Resource Studies:

"I’m Cindy Chance, a graduate of the MA program in Anthropology from the University of Maryland, College Park (May 2008) with a Certificate in Historic Preservation. I’ve been lucky enough to participate in several archaeological projects, beginning with Field School at Wye House on Maryland’s Eastern Shore; then two months last spring on Fleet and Cornhill Streets plus the Market Square for the city of Annapolis; and now this Market Master’s House in Bladensburg.

On much of the property surrounding the Market Master’s House, the archaeology seems to be intact and I am hopeful we’ll find ample undisturbed artifact collections. The crew is diligent and work proceeds rapidly. Tomorrow, we’ll host our Public Archaeology Day. Although the work is early in the process, this is a great time for the public to view our site for two reasons: first, we have impressive finds; and second, a visitor will get a great sense of the process of archaeology. Rather than visiting a finished site, visitors will experience a “work in progress”.

This is a gem of a project: a slice of colonial life in an urban environment, an intact and significant historic property, and an abundance of artifacts to shed light on a lifeway since buried."

Here is a link to a neat public archaeology project across the continent in San Jose, California by the Anthropological Studies Center of Sonoma State University. They have finished their excavations and are deeply involved in labwork. This week you can read a great post about processing artifacts:

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