Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 9: A Very Special Guest Field Tech and Blogger

This morning we had to do a bit of clean up as a result of last night's storms. We ended up having a great day, nonetheless! We had a guest volunteer help us in the field, Mayor Walter James, Jr. of Bladensburg! Following his fieldwork, in which he helped dig, screen and identify artifacts, we asked him to write a blog posting for us. Here is his narrative, followed by some photographs of the day:

"My name is Walter Lee James, Jr. I am the Mayor of the wonderful and historic Town of Bladensburg. Who would have thought that you could have so much fun digging in your own backyard? Well, that is exactly what I did today. Today I joined a team of archaeologists excavating around the Market Master’s House in Bladensburg. It was an experience of a lifetime. I learned a lot about “strats”, levels, ceramic pottery, pipes and historic nails. The experience today has given me a new found appreciation for the work that goes into gathering pieces of history to be placed in our museums. It was not only fun, but educational. Our students at all grade levels could benefit greatly from being apart of such a wonderful project. I am truly grateful for the time, energy and commitment shown by the Maryland State Highway Administration in promoting historic preservation in our community. Therefore, on the behalf of the residents, council and staff of Bladensburg, I say thank you all for all the great work you have done and are continuing to do, in order to ensure that we never forget the rich history of our world . This project is a great example of what can happen when we work together."

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